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Citizen CMP-30LII, 203dpi, BT (CMP30IIBUXCL)

Citizen CMP-30LII, 203dpi, BT

Generalscan GS-M100BT-PRO Bluetooth 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

Generalscan GS-M100BT-PRO Bluetooth 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

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Starting at: £188.00

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Handheld grip accessory

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  • Model: GS-M100BT-PRO
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  • Manufactured by: Generalscan


Generalscan GS-M100BT-PR0 Bluetooth 1D Laser Barcode Scanner long distance scanner for iOS and Android

Product Introduction
Smart Mobile POS offer the GS-M100BT-PRO Laser 1D read head scanner which is developed by Generalscan and is small in size but has a high performance, functioning as a 1D Bluetooth laser barcode scanner. The GS-M100BT-PRO has higher battery capacity offering extended usage, higher scanning speed and extended scanning distance of 1 metre over the standard version.

It can be installed on the back of mobile phone case attaching the sled using 3M adhesive tape and then converts the mobile phone into a professional barcode terminal. The GS-M100BT-PRO connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and scans barcodes into the mobile phone. The GS-M100BT-PRO can connect to Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices or any Android smartphone or tablet PC.

GS-M100BT-PRO has two types of Bluetooth interface, One is HID and another is SPP. The GS-M100BT-PRO can easily connect with both Bluetooth modes. You can connect with iOS devices like iPhone, Ipad which also converts the scanner into external Bluetooth keyboard device. There is no need to use any third party software or driver installed on iPhone or Ipad .GS-M100BT-PRO can also connect android device with 4.0 or above.

With SPP mode ,you can connect with all Android platform. User only need simple install Generalscan Bluetooth IME input driver,then your application can get barcode scanner data from Generalscan Bluetooth IME input.You do not need care about complex Bluetooth programming technique any more.


GS-M100BT-PRO provide two accessory .One is mobile phone adapter.This apater can stick on the back of your mobile phone protection case with 3M adhesive tape.You can attach GS-M100BT barcode scanner on the adapter. So ,you can handle with barcode scanner with mobile phone with one hand.

Another is handheld adapter.You can plug the GS-M100BT input handheld adapter via MicroUSB plug mount in the handheld adpter.There is a 900 mha rechargeable battery in the handholder,it can provide enough power supply for GS-M100BT.

On the end of handheld adapter, there is standard RJ45-USB cable for you connect with PC.This can be can recharge for GS-M100BT and transfer data to PC.

Product Specification


iCloudscan Bluetooth barcode scanner can replace the PDA in the area of mobile scanning application such as express logistics ,warehousing ,freight forwarding, product barcode traceability,asset management,shopping mall and super market.

Price :
Starting at: £188.00

Handheld grip accessory

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