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Generalscan GS-R1500BT 2D Laser Bluetooth Ring Barcode scanner

Generalscan GS-R1500BT 2D Laser Bluetooth Ring Barcode scanner

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  • Model: GS-R1500BT
  • 16 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Generalscan


Generalscan Tiny wireless GS-R1500BT 2D CCD laser bluetooth Ring Barcode Scanner for iOS and Android with NFC Bluetooth and automatic pairing function

The GS-R1500BT comes with NFC Bluetooth and automatic pairing function which enables both devices to repair if the battery on the device or scanner is changed or completely runs down and is recharged.

Smart Mobile POS is offering the GS-R1500BT as part of its latest product portfolio from Generalscan and sees the growth in mobile scanning technology using consumer smartphones and tablet PCs with either iOS or Android operating systems, reducing the cost of ruggedized devices with embedded scanner technology. 




The GS-R1500BT 2D Imager Mini BT Ring Barcode Scanner Kits (Support off line data collect, USB-HID or USB-VCP(USB Serial)wired connection and Bluetooth HID or Bluetooth SPP wireless connection, work with IOS, Android, Windows phone, Windows OS, etc.), which includes GS R1500BT 2D ring scanner, Micro USB cable, yellow hook & loop strap, user guide CD

GS R1500BT wearable 2D CCD ring barcode scanner is new generation scanner allowing you for movement scanning, picking and sorting application.

With Bluetooth 3.0 technology, you can pair it with iOS and Android device easily. You can even connect high-gain Bluetooth dongle for long distance barcode scanning. It is an ideal solution for retail, warehouse, asset tracking, express logistics and many more picking and sorting applications.

  • Scan 1D,2D barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile phones or computer screens.
    • Build-in memory and large off-line storage up to 10000 barcodes
    • Point and shot scanning and omnidirectional scanning ability capture barcode more easily through more natural movements
    • Strong compatibility with iOS and Android, Windows Phone,X86 Windows tablet and the GS R1500BT 2D Wearable Ring Bluetooth Scanner
    • Swivel feature to enables easy switching from right to left hand use
    • Work with GS D100BT and can increase the wireless transmit distance for 50 meters

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Product Introduction

The GS-R1500BT is a 2D Bluetooth Wearable Ring-style Barcode scanner in a small compact case and offers a powerful new generation of barcode scanners. It is designed for picking and sorting warehouse applications, enabling the operator to free hands and improve operational efficiency in the warehouse, distribution centre and retail stores.


The user never needs to set an item down to check paper work order or have to pick up the handheld to scan boxes. The operator doesn't even need to put a heavy package down on the desktop to scan and therefore will save time and strength over long periods of time while in the warehouse. Compared with other common wired handheld scanners, the GS-R1500 BT wearable scanner can increase productivity per user.


The Generalscan GS-R1500BT wearable ring scanner enables the operator to move packages, products and materials; therefore, helping to increase efficiency. It is very comfortable to wear over a whole working day, with a high-performance laser scan engine. The device even works well with poor printed barcodes can read the easily. The rugged rubber shell makes daily use reliable even in the roughest environments and comfortable to wear as their scanner is much smaller and more compact than other ring scanners on the market.




GS-R1500BT can be replace the traditional, heavy, expensive data collection terminal, Can be used for any mobile barcode scanning applications with an Android, Windows or iOS OS including logistics, warehousing, freight forwarding, product barcode traceability, asset management and retail applications.


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