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Sumlung SL-MS50A 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (Symbol scanner)

Sumlung SL-MS50A 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner (Symbol scanner)

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  • Model: SL-MS50A
  • 17 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Sumlung


Sumlung SL-MS50A 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner sled (Symbol scanner) for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Windows CE

Smart Mobile POS launch the SL-MS50 series of Bluetooth jacket barcode scanners, which is the upgrade version of MS30 which can support larger screen smartphones making it more flexible to use touch screen and convenient for data entry. The SL-MS50 Bluetooth barcode scanner sled can support both Android and Windows Mobile operating systems and is compatible with many brands of mobile phones, such as HTC,SAMSUNG and MOTOROLA.

SL-MS50 uses the latest design concept. When the scanner is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth it can scan 1D barcode data into the smartphone and can used as handheld mobile computer when combined with the smartphone. The SL-MS50 can expand GPRS/WIFI/3G/SMS/GPS by the smartphone or PDA and can be widely used in Logistics / Hospital / Multiple Shop / Sales Management / Goverment Management / ticketing applications and is more cost efficient than using expensive rugged devices and increase efficiency. Comes with an SDK which is easy to be integrated with all kinds of software.

SUMLUNG SL-MS50 Mobile Barcode Scanner uses the newest design concept. It scans barcodes directly to mobile smartphones.
Use it with a smart phone you'll have a Data Collection Terminal. Or a Combo of handheld mobile computer with barcode scanning ability.
The high compatibility of MS Series makes it suitable for barcode solutions in all the fields, such as Retail Industry, Logistics, Healthcare, Warehouse, Asset Tracking, Sale Force Automation, Field Service, Government Management ...
It will greatly help you increase work efficiency and cut off costs.

MS50 is the upgrade version of MS30 which can support larger screen mobile phones,it will be even more general and more convenient.


Model MS50A MS50B MS50D
Communication Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0, Class 2
Protocol HID & SPP
Range 10 Meters
        Performance Scan pattern Single Line, bi-directional Single Line CMOS
Light source 650mm VLD 635mm ±30mm LED red scanning 625mm ± 30mm LED red scanning
Scan Speed 104 ± 12 scans/sec 50 scans/sec 50 scans/sec
Decode Capability 1D 1D, 2D, PDF417
Minimum Bar Width 4 mil, PCS0.9 5 mil, PCS0.9
Scan Angle 47°± 3° 53.3 ± 3° Revolve: 360°Angle: ±50°Elevation: ±60°
Depth of Field 25.4 – 139.7 cm(4 mil, PCS0.8)    5mil: 5.7 – 24.8cm20mil: *-61cm 5mil: 8.89 – 19.05cm20mil:*-54.61cm
Scanning Mode Manual / Automatic 
Indicator LED, Beeper
Print Contrast Min. 25% Min. 35% Min. 25%
 Compatible Phone Size Length < 125.5, Width < 65.5, Thickness < 14.5 mm
Operating System Android, iOS4.0+, Windows Mobile, WinCE, BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian OS 9.1-9.3 
  Physical Dimensions   L*W*H  154 * 72 * 34 mm
Weight 114g With battery 125g with battery 137g with battery
Color Black
 Power Source Battery BP-4L lithium battery
Battery Life  36hours/46,000scans(full charge)       36hours/40,000scans (full charge)   32hours/16,000scans(full charge) 
   Environmental  Operating Temperature -20 to 60 -20°to 50°C -20 to 55
Storage Temperature -40 to 70
Humidity 5%—95% non-condensing 
Ambient light immunity ·                                 107,640 Lux 110,000 Lux 96,900 Lux
Impact Proof Multiple drops from 1.2 – 1.5 meters (4 – 5 inches)
Warranty One year

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