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Smart Mobile POS MS3391 1D CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Smart Mobile POS MS3391 1D CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

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  • Model: MS3391
  • 49 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Smart Mobile POS


Smart Mobile POS MS3391 1D CCD Bluetooth Barcode scanner with jacket

Smart Mobile POS MS3391 is a very lightweight, small, intelligent Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. It can read ultra high density and long distance barcode label. Because of high mobility,cross-platform design and flexible way of using, it is a perfect solution for mobile barcode scanning. With our special glove, It is designed for picking and sorting application, enable your operator to free hand and improve operational efficiency in your warehouse, distribution center and retail store. You never need setting an item down to check paper work order or picking up handheld scanner. Operator even no need to put heavy package to the desktop for scan, it will save more time and physical strength. Compare with common wired handheld scanner, it can increase 15%-30% productivity!

  MS3391 wearable scanner enable operator to move package , products and materials, helping to increase more efficiency, It is very comfortable to wear it in whole working day, with high performance laser scan engine, even poor printed barcode can be read.
  MS3391’s superior performance, excellent reading ability. With Off-line storage capacity, makes your work more convenient and flexible,you can store more than 10000 pcs 15bit character barcode.

CE, FCC, Rohs, EMC
Certificate of Utility
Model Patent No.: ZL201420211349.5
  • Tiny size, easy to carry; 
  • Using high resolution linear CCD sensor, no
  • moving parts, increasing product longevity and reliability;
  •  read 3mil easily for ultra high density barcodes;
  • Unique Dyna ExpoT Malgorithm for continuous decoding speed up to 280 times per second;
  • Good response speed, TTR<20ms, (see TTR  documentation);
  • Using Bluetooth technology, convenient and flexible connectivity with Bluetoothdevices, improving the mobility of the work;
  • Built-in memory, and offline;store 10,000 15-bit character barcode;
  •  Built-in battery support big amount of data scanned;
  • Not only support all kinds of bar code media, but support for screen scraper directly;

Main parameters

Scan Performance  
Scan Speed:  280 times / sec
Continuous Decoding Speed:  280 times / sec
Time to Read:  < 20ms BER: <5 PPM
Depth of Field: 20mm ~ 490mm
Input Voltage:  DC5V 
Operating Power: 1 00mA @ DC5V
Startup Time:  <100ms
Decode Capabilities Code 39, C odabar, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 93, UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8,Pharm code, ISBN, ITF14
Scan parameters:  
Sensor Pattern:  Linear CCD
Scan Angle:  40 °
Print Contrast:  > 20%
Light Source:  620nm LED
Power Management:  
Power Supply Capacity in scanner:  300mAh
Power Supply Capacity with arm:  900mAh
Continuous Working Time:  15 days Continuous decoding life ability


Product Details


  • Tiny size, easy to carry;
  • Using high resolution linear CCD sensor, no moving parts, increasing product longevity and reliability;
  • read 3mil easily for ultra high density barcodes;
  • Continuous decoding speed up to 250 times per second;
  • Good response speed, TTR<25ms, (see TTR documentation);
  • Using Bluetooth technology, convenient and flexible connectivity with Bluetooth devices, improving the mobility of the work;
  • Built-in memory, and offline store 10,000 15-bit character barcode(2M Memory is optional);
  • Built-in battery support big amount of data scanned;
  • Not only support all kinds of bar code media, but support for screen scraper directly;

Barcode Width          Depth of Field          Scan Width
0.003"( 0.98"~7.48" (25~65mm) 1.0”(25mm)@ 1.7”(42mm)
0.005"(0.127mm) 0.98"~7.48" (25~1 0mm) 2.4”(61mm)@ 3.0”(76mm)
0.010"(0.254mm) 0.78"~12.20" (20~310mm) 4.2”(107mm)@ 6.0”(152mm)
0.015"( 0.98"~7.48" (20~370mm) 5.4”(mm)mm) @ 8.0”(mm)
0.020"(0.508mm) 0.78"~19.29" (20~490mm)7.0”(178mm)@11''(279mm)

Mechanical chart

1.Scan Performance
Scan Speed: 250 times / sec
Continuous Decoding Speed: 250 times / sec
Time to Read: < 20ms BER: <5 PPM
Depth of Field:20mm ~ 490mm

Input Voltage: DC5V ± 5%
Operating Power: 110mA @ DC5V
Start‐up Time: <100ms
Decode Capabilities
Code 39, C odabar, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of
5, Code 93, UPC‐A, UPC‐E, EAN13, EAN8,
Pharm code, ISBN, ITF14

3.Scan parameters
Sensor Pattern: Linear CCD
Scan Angle: 45 °
Print Contrast: > 20%
Light Source: 650nm LED

4.Power Management:
Power Supply Capacity in scanner: 430mAh
Continuous Working Time: 15 days
Continuous decoding life ability

USB for charing and communication
Mobile Jacket:fixed the scanner to mobiledevice
Bluetooth adapter:add Bluetooth on computer

scanner is guaranteed for one year
battery warranty half a year
offer lifetime maintenance


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