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Citizen CMP-30LII, 203dpi, BT

Generalscan GS-WT1000 Wearable 1D Barcode Scanner

Generalscan GS-WT1000 Wearable 1D Barcode Scanner

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  • Model: GS-WT1000
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  • Manufactured by: Generalscan


Generalscan GS-WT1000 Wearable 1D Barcode Scanner Terminal for Android devices


1D-Laser-966 Scan Engine Wearable Ring Scanner for Mobile Phone, which supports OTG connection with IOS, Android and Windows - Model: WT1000-366V2K


Smart Mobile POS is partnering with Generalscan to launch the Generalscan GS-WT1000, a new wired wearable ring type 1D barcode scanner with a PDA arm mount for convenient barcode scanner functions in busy warehouses that provide a more convenient and flexible solution that frees up both hands of the workers and will help increase efficiency and productivity.

The GS-WT10000 connects to the PDA via a micro USB connector and has a battery in the arm rest providing backs up power for the smartphone while powering the scanner.

Product Introduction 

The Generalscan GS-WT1000 smart wearable data terminal is specially designed for picking and sorting warehouse applications for picking and packing requirements. The barcode scanner provides your workers advanced mobile computing and scanning technology, while the users wear with Generalscan GS-WT1000 smart wearable data terminal.

The GS-WT1000 solution offers integrated functionality as wearable armband, ring barcode scanner, Android smartphone battery charger, and a data communication functions into one device. The GS-WT1000 has an ergonomic hand-free wearable design with patented rotation platform enables you easily operate the devices and integrate the barcode reading functionality into your Apps via the SDK.


The Generalscan GS-WT1000 smart wearable data terminal is equipped with an interchangeable 3100 maH battery which provides enough power to ring barcode scanner and smart charge function to Android smartphone for a whole days usage. The battery is compatible with Samsung Note2 android smartphone and the MicroUSB connectivity means you will never need to purchase expensive battery accessory for obsolete out-of-date PDAs. The replaceable rotation platform design enables you easily connect many cost effective and high performance Android smartphones and PDAs and therefore offers greater flexibility so that you are never tied to expenisive rugged and out-of-date Win-CE PDA devices.







        GS-WT1000 can be replace the traditional ,heavy ,expensive data collection terminal,you can use it for any mobile barcode scan application with your smartphone such as express logitics ,warehousing ,freight forwarding,product barcode traceability,asset management,shopping mall and super market.



Price :
£150.00 £130.00
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