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EP360 Bluetooth smart card, mag stripe reader, NFC & PIN pad

EP360 Bluetooth smart card, mag stripe reader, NFC & PIN pad

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  • Model: EP360
  • 41 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Bluebird


EP360 Bluetooth smart card and magnetic stripe reader & PIN pad EMV L1 & L2 and PCI with NFC contactless payment

Smart Mobile POS are launching the EP360 Bluetooth smart card and magnetic stripe reader devices to support the growth in the mobile payments industry for use with iOS and Android smartphones and tablet PCs. The EP360 comes with an SDK software development kit for both iOS and Android to enable mobile application developers to integrate the credit card readers functionality into their mobile payment application and connect to their credit card payment processors and payment providers. The EP360 connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth and enables mobile transactions to be processed when fully integrated into the payment application and payment providers processor gateway. The introduction of credit cards has turned the tide of commercial transactions toward cashless simplicity. In the process however, more than many merchants (heavily relying on cash) have been left out. To even-out the odds, the EP360, merchants’ new Chip & PIN wallet. Highly decorated with many badges(of easy usage, cool design, secure and flexible payment schemes, and solid development platform), the EP360 Series enables all merchants to get paid in full with credit cards of all types, and prosper.

Power in Numbers, More Power in Styles

Color Customizable Shells, Stylish Design in the Smallest and Lightest Frame

The EP360 with Color LCD, and EP330 with LED Indicators, are the smallest Chip & PIN wallet in the arena. Designed to complement your cool gadgets, both models have round corners, smooth edges, and enamel gloss. From Funky-Reggae Tone to Snow-White, the EP300 can be customized in thousand different faces. When so many styles are available, no merchant has to look the same.

The Easiest Store to Launch

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity builds a bridge between the EP300s and your everyday gadgets like Smart-Phones and Tablets. Name your platform(iOS, Android, and Windows) because your EP300 Series embraces them all. Upon the pairing, your gadget becomes the sales and service point. Without further due, build the bridge and launch your store.

Payment Schemes of Our Time

MSR, IC-Card, Contactless Payment (PayPass, PayWAVE, and more)

Each and every payment scheme of our time is fully supported by the EP300s. Now you too can allow your customer to pay however they like; one can swipe, insert, or even tap the credit cards at point of sales. Instead of sending the cashless customers to your competitors, welcome them and get paid in full. These new wallets of modern merchants have evened-out the odds.

Transparent Shopping Experience

Color LCD Screen, Indicator LEDs, Payment Icons, Touch Keypad w/ Bright Backlight

Your EP300 Series is all about transparent shopping experience. The Color LCD of the EP360 displays the price to be paid. The EP330’s indicator LEDs inform each stage of the payment processing while the payment icons confirm the shoppers with the payment schemes they have selected. Backlit Key Pad on both models helps the correct PIN to be entered at all time. Such intuitive features are to be found nowhere else.

Security, the Stonewall Kind

Stonewall Security™, PCI PTS3.X, EMV Level 1 & 2, Air-Tight Encryptions

To this day, the payment industry has evolved by countering the thieves. The EP300 Series reflects this momentum. Well-guarded by Stonewall Security™ Measures (Patented PCI PTX 3.X, EMV Level 1, 2, and Air-Tight Encryptions), the EP300 Series keeps the sensitive transaction and personal data safe from the unyielding attempts of scams and frauds. Thieves may only try now.

Open Platform to Build and Advance

Developer Friendly Platform, Comprehensive SDK to Propel.

Last but not least, your EP300s bring something to the table for developers too. Free from proprietary restrictions, developers can easily create merchant- friendly applications on the EP300s’ development platform. Initial S/W suite is also provided so that merchants may advance from the very beginning. At the end of the day, everyone pays and gets paid easily. These are the EP300s, sincerely yours.

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