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oti WAVE PKI audio jack NFC payment adapter for iOS and Android

oti WAVE PKI audio jack NFC payment adapter for iOS and Android

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  • 500 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: OTI


oti WAVE PKI audio jack NFC payment adapter for iOS and Android

(Please call or email for detailed pricing information as the device uses proprietary technology and based only available for project based opportunities with banks and payment providers)


With a significant growth in the scope of daily online transactions and increasing danger of fraud, organizations are seeking tools that can seamlessly assure secured transactions and customer identification.

As more organizations implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions to authenticate consumers, new challenges arise. The majority of PKI endpoint devices support personal computers, but do not provide a solution for mobile devices, which have become increasingly prevalent in PKI transactions.

oti’s WAVE PKI is a device-agnostic add-on easily attached to the audio jacks of smartphones, tablets and PC’s. The device can be customer personalized.




WAVE PKI enables secure online transactions with two factor authentication for iOS, Android and other mobile devices using the 3.5mm physical audio interface.


Specifications, Functions and Features

  • Supports both mobile and PC platforms
    • Audio port jack for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets
    • USB port adaptor for PC with driverless plug and play

wave_pki_img_4 wave_pki_img_3

  • Strong two factor authentication (PKI)
    • File system  and commands according to ISO 7816-4
    • Security architecture according to ISO 7816-8
    • File system structure according to (PKCS#15) (DF.CIA) and (ISO 7816-15)
    • PACE protocol according to (TR03110v2) (optional)
    • Storage of any number of certificates (only restricted by EEPROM memory)
    • Symmetric encryption and decryption using DES, 3DES and AES
    • RSA key generation, encryption/decryption and signature generation/verification
    • Elliptic Curve (EC) key generation, key agreement and signature generation/verification
    • Secure PIN entry via contactless interface using Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE) (optional)
  • Universal design enables product to fit all phones, can be kept as a keychain for easy storage



  • NFC and two factor authentication (PKI) on the same add-on device
  • Enables advanced certificate-based applications such as digital signature and pre-boot authentication
  • Enables compliance with security and privacy standards
  • Portable add-on device: no special external reader needed
  • Simple and easy to use – no training or technical know-how needed
  • Expand security applications through on-board Java applets
  • Improves productivity by allowing employees and partners to securely access corporate resources
  • Provides cross platform SDK library

Transaction operation is customizable for banks


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