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Ktab Secure, Charge, Keyless Wireless NFC tablet PC enclosure

Ktab Secure, Charge, Keyless Wireless NFC tablet PC enclosure

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  • Manufactured by: Ktab


Ktab Secure and Charge Keyless Wireless tablet PC enclosure

The Ktab tablet PC enclosure is the perfect solution for securing and charging tablet PC kiosk devices while providing a a secure access to the devices via the built in NFC reader for employees to logon using NFC tags and cards.

ktab - secure aned charge keyless wireless

The Ktab devices are secure and charging solutions for tablets fitted for retail.
Outlet's requirements have been fully studied : security, charging, unlocking, mobility, protection, usability, design. Nothing was left to chance !

Ktab solutions allow you to act freely and safely, offering two types of use :

  • Locked and Docked, Ktab is an interactive device displaying digital contents to your customers;

  • Unlocked, Ktab becomes a sale support or a mobile productivity tool for the salesman.

...And different technological features :
  • Ktab NFC Secure allows you to lock, charge and unlock your tablet through the Wireless Keyless System;

  • Ktab NFC ID that enables authentication via NFC reader on a secured terminal (clocking in and out, loyalty card, etc.);

  • Ktab Basic, for greater security, composed of secured kiosques locked by safety cables.

The Ktab NFC Secure System


NFC Secure, the Absolute Device

Ktab NFC Secure is a secure and charging device for tablet technologies with NFC unlocking (contactless)
Quick secure, wireless charging, keyless unlocking, three operations gathered for maximum efficiency.
ktab - dispositif absolu


A Light Protective Shell

Your tablet is protected by a lightweight shell (200 grams), made of aluminum and with 4 shockproof reinforcements. The rear upper profile edge provides an ideal position to work on it.
The shell of the Ktab system is adapted to every 8-12 inches tablet devices.
ktab - coque légère & durcie

Quick To Secure

You just need to apply a slight pressure on the Ktab Stand with your tablet and the loading is carried out safely.
ktab - sécurisation rapide

Wireless Recharging

Your tablet can be recharged "wireless" thanks to a Pogo Pin connector. A long-lasting and hard-wearing system that allows numerous and daily connections.
ktab - rechargement sans fil

Contactless NFC Unlocking

Equipped with NFC contactless reader, you just have to present your NFC card to the reader and the tablet will be unlocked.

Secure NFC Ktab device is unlocked with all cards or badges compatible with ISO14443 Type A & B Mifare, FeliCa, NFC protocols (ISO / IEC18092).
ktab - déverrouillage nfc

Instant Mobility

Generally, secure tablets systems don't give you the opportunity to act both freely and safely. With its Contactless NFC Unlocking System, Ktab allows your tablet to be immediatly available, ready to be carried anywhere you like.

ktab - mobilité tablette vendeur


Versatile and Upgradeable

In an ever changing technological environment, you have to be ready for tomorrow. That's why Ktab Kiosks can receive a 10 to 12 inches tablet. You don't have to change anything, just switch your new tablets whenever you want.ktab - 1 dispositif plusieurs tablettes

The Ktab NFC Secure range

NFC Secure Counter Kiosk

The Counter Kiosk is to be fixed on a work surface or counter. It includes security, wireless and contactless recharging functionalities as well as portrait/landscape and customer/salesman rotations.

The device is provided of an Ethernet cable together with a 220 Volt power cable.
ktab - nfc secure kiosque comptoir


The NFC Secure FloorStanding Kiosk

The FloorStanding Kiosk should be fixed on the floor. It contains the following equipments:

  • keyless and wireless security and recharging technologies;
  • a portrait/landscape rotation;
  • an Ethernet cable
  • a 220 Volt power cable.
ktab - nfc secure kiosque sur pied


NFC Secure Station

NFC Secure Station's conceptual approach is first of all to change your tablet into a real workstation with USB keyboard, mouse, two other ports available and an Ethernet port.

And NFC Secure same the same features as the versions kiosks

  • keyless and wireless security and recharging technologies.
  • portrait/landscape rotation.
  • salesman/customer rotation
    ktab - nfc secure station


Ktab, Digital Solution 2 in 1


Digital Display Kiosk

Locked and Docked, Ktab is a digital display kiosk
.ktab - nfc secure diffusion contenu

Salesman Tab

Unlocked, your tablet is ready for mobility in store.

ktab - nfc secure support mobile aide à la vente

Please contact us via directly for pricing information on the Ktab tablet PC enclosure and various formats. Please either call our sales department or email


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