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Mini iBeacon

Mini iBeacon

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  • Model: MS54V3
  • 96 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Smart Mobile POS


Mini iBeacon MS54V3

Mini iBeacon has a built-in coin battery with a battery standby life of 5 years and a power switch to save energy consumption. This iBeacon measures only 33*20 mm, weighs only 25g, has a broadcasting range of 70m and is compatible with CE and FCC regulation. You can change the UUID, Major and Minor. This is a top of the line iBeacon suitable for all your potential applications! The Mini iBeacon comes in 3 great colors! The nice design of this iBeacons makes it perfect for places where you can't hide an iBeacon.

The MiniBeacon MS54V3 has a built-in a battery holder and a coin battery, it can work as a standalone system.
Moreover, MS54V3 is based on CC2540/CC2541 BLE 4.0 module and built-in an advanced power management unit, the advanced power management unit helps MiniBeacon to save at least 20% battery energy than other beacons without this unit.

About MiniBeacon
- Built-in MiniBeacon firmware
- Built-in a 1000mAh CR2477 battery
- Bluetooth low energy technology compatible
- Excellent link budget (up to 97dB)
- Suitable for long distance applications
- Accurate digital RSSI
- High performance and low power 8051 core MCU
- AES security coprocessor

- iBeacon License
- FCC Regulation (FCC Part 15.)
- CE Regulations (Included EN300328, EN301489, EN60950, EN62479)

Features & Advantages
- Application for advertisement and proximity location
- Supports both iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3+ system
- Built-in pairing password to prevent others changing the settings
- MiniBeacon name, UUID, Major, Minor values and broadcasting interval can be changed by customer
- Battery capacity intelligent detecting and notification feature
- Supports soft reboot function, no longer required to take out the battery to reboot the device
- MiniBeacon serial ID can be customized, it will help customer to easily distinguish which one is which
- Placed a button on the board used to activate / shutdown beacon device
- Supports the connectable and non-connectable broadcasting mode
- Supports the OAD function
- Publishes the free upgraded firmware regularly
- Built-in JTAG port for other customized application firmware as a standalone system
- The customer’s logo can be printed on the housing if required
- Customized housing and firmware services will be welcomed



  iBeacon description


  • - Built-in MiniBeacon firmware
  • - 1000mAH CR2477 battery be suitable for battery-socket
  • -  Supports CC2540 and CC2541 Bluetooth low energy 4.0 modules
  • - Support iOS7.0 and Android 4.3 above version
  • - Built-in pairing password to prevent others to modify the settings
  • - UUID, Major, Minor values can be changed and modified by customer own
  • - The name of MiniBeacon that shows on iOS device can be customized
  • - Built-in JTAG port for customized other application firmware
  • - The sticker on plastic case can be printed customer's logo if required
  • - With power switch to save power consumption
  • - CE/FCC/EPL Approvals
  • - Long Range
  • - Accurate digital RSSI
  • - Standard 3 kinds of colors available: pink, white and green.

iBeacon parameters






BLE4.0 Stack





Battery Model


1000mAh,Coin battery, 3.0Vdc, 1pc

Operation Voltage



Operation Frequency



Frequency Error

+/- 20KHz





Standby Current

50uA (average)

Depends on duty cycle / broadcasting cycle

Broadcasting Cycle


Duty cycle / Advertising interval

Output Power

0 dBm

Default setting, programmable

Receiving Sensitivity


High gain mode

Transmission Distance

50-90 meters

BER<0.1%, Open space



On board / PCB Antenna


3M double sided tape


Net Weight


Including the battery but without packing


Ø36 x 16 mm

CR2477 battery socket


 iBeacon features


1. BLE 4.0 iBeacon with high quality 1000mAH CR2477 coin battery can last 1-2 years battery lifetime. 


2. Beacon from our manufacturer can enjoy the customization services including: Beaconname, UUID, Major, Minor, Password, etc parameters.

3. Minew can make the beacon looks more beautiful with your logo.

4.BLE 4.0 iBeacon from our manufactuere has 3M wall sticker inside the package.

5. BLE 4.0 iBeacon has a sticker on the casing side.

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