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Audio jack DES/3DES encrypted mag stripe card reader track 2 & 3

Audio jack DES/3DES encrypted mag stripe card reader track 2 & 3

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  • Model: SS505-23
  • 96 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Smart Mobile POS


Audio jack DES/3DES encrypted magnetic stripe mobile card reader track 2 & 3 for iPhone and Android

Encrypting headphone mobile credit card reader

PCI3.1 Compliance (the security of magnetic head part )Encrypted Mobile Credit Card Reader

1.Provide SDK of IOS and Android ,software demonstration in C language for customer to make application .The MCU and encrypting chip are sealed inside of the magnetic head ,sure be security when swiping .

2.Difference between our encrypted card reader and the current ones in the market : our MCU and chip are sealed inside of the magnetic head and the current ones are made outside of the magnetic head .If we connect wires from the two pins of magnetic head or connect wires to the pins of F2F decoder IC ,then stick a flash to the back side of IC ,card information will be recorded and stored in the flash when swiping ,so that our encrypted card reader is the only one with the best security protection system.

3. The out plastic case of encrypted reader can be made as customer’s request or use our current models are no problem .

4. There are 2 different types :
Type 1 : Track 2 encrypted mobile credit card reader (SS505-12 read track 1,2 or SS505-23 track 2,3 of the card data ) ;
Type 2 :Track 3 encrypted mobile credit card reader (SS505-33 read all 1,2,3 tracks of the card data ) .

5. Features :
Manual‐swipe type reader
Bi‐directional reading capability
ISO 7810, ISO 7811
1, 2 , 3‐Track conformance
PCI 3.1 conformance
DES/3DES data encrypting capability
4KB FLASH Memory for Key Stored
Audio jack interface
Power supplied by Audio jack interface only (for IOS don't need a battery, for Android with battery inside )
High specification , Low power consumption
Small size

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