Linea Pro 5 1D Barcode Scanner, Mag St, RFID, BT for iPhone 5

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Linea Pro 5 1D barcode scanner with credit card swipe, RFID reader and Bluetooth for Apple iPhone 5 / 5SE

Mobile POS Tech is offering the latest Linea Pro 5 is designed for the iPhone 5 / 5SE and iPod Touch 5 for mobile barcode and POS applications. The Linea Pro 5 is a combination barcode scanner/credit card swipe reader with options of Bluetooth and RFID reader. The iPhone 5 or iPod Touch 5 attaches via the connector at the bottom of the Linea Pro for direct communication and acts as a backup power source for the iPhone 5 as well as powering the barcode reader the smartphone is housed in the case. The Linea Pro 5 is the perfect all in one solution for adding 1D or 2D barcode and RFID functionality to the iPhone 5 / 5SE and iPod Touch 5.

*iPod Touch not included