iDC9608AW 1D (OPTICON MDL-2001- 1D Laser engine) Pocket wearable

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iDC9608AW 1D (OPTICON MDL-2001- 1D) Pocket wearable scanner for Android / iOS device with holder & trigger switch
Product Description

Different from others, we design the hand-free glove for pocket 
barcode scanner use. You can use pocket scanner directly or  
with hand-free glove. 
Through Bluetooth, iDC9608AW can work with Android/iOS/
Windows device well. 
In addition, we adopts Bluetooth Class 1 module and its transmission
distance can reach 100m in open area. 

˙ Pocket-size design: 100 x 43 x 27mm 
˙  Equipped with 1MB memory which can store more than 65,000 EAN13 barcodes
˙ Provides two operation modes: "data transmission" or "batch mode"
˙ When iDC960X series connect to iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch, its left button can raise & lower on-screen keyboard (press for 4 seconds)
˙ Charging: via USB cable